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In the past few days, we have made delivery to over 5 (five) states in nigeria & here is what our Customers said after getting their books in less Than 72 hours.

See for Yourself.

Here is an online entrepreneur who has made millions selling in the online space. He has been recognized by companies like MTN, Selar, TVC, Ebonyi State Government.

He came out to announce to the public that what helped him to make most of his money online are books (particularly hard copies).

Reading books is just like stealing the ideas of a man, plus the one you've got in you and transforming them into a lifetime investment, values etc.

There was something a billionaire in dollars once said in an interview, he said...

"When a man is writing a book, he gives it all his best.

He pours out all his secrets, takes his times to explain each and every one of them because there is no specific duration or pages for writing a book.

But when the same man is been asked to share that same thing via a podcast or a video, he cannot share all his secrets because he is time conscious."

Ventus Books are willing to be part of your success story.

We'd be proud to see you mention our name in big stages when you are sharing your story of how you read books that changed your mindset positively and made you millions of naira just like Fortune Nnamdi.

Here are different types of books you'd need (depending on your interest).

See The Joy in The Faces Our Customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I Order Now, When Will I Get My Book (s).

Your book will be delivered to you within 72 hours or less (Nationwide).

I Don't Stay in Nigeria, Can I Still Order?

Yes, you can. We will deliver your book(s) to your location.

Can I Make Bulk Orders? (I Want To Order a Lot of Books for My Company).

Sure, we can. We are in business of helping people build their personal or company's library.

Asides From Books, Are There Any Thing Else I'd be Getting When I Order?

You are going to gifted a highlighter. This is so you can highlight important information in the books for easy reference or remembrance.

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