The Beginner’s Content Guide



Write like a professional —- Even though you have no prior knowledge of content creation/Marketing.


Learn how I mastered the art of writing across many niches and content types recording massive conversions and engagement.

Why You Need This Course?

What if you could learn precisely what you need to create the kind of content that attracts and converts your target audience no matter your niche?

What could be better than knowing where you have been making mistakes in your content game and how you can correct them immediately?

I started writing, simply because I loved to write, but I was the type of writer who never wanted anyone to read my writing.

✓ What if it’s not good enough?

✓ What if people do not like it?

Those were my thoughts, but as you know…….. SAPA (Hunger) came knocking and I was advised to monetise my writing knowledge. I got a few jobs but I struggled with knowing the right content sells and why it sells. I sort out ways to do it correctly.

I suffered all these and have decided to make sure you do not go through all of those unnecessary stupid mistakes. Today, I have successfully worked with a couple of brands and ghostwritten for both businesses and personal brands, coming in contact with different audience types.


What You Will Learn

✓ 14 mistakes content creators make and how to correct them.

✓ Tips on Scheduling Content across social media.


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