Become A Multi-millionaire, All Expense-Paid Trip to Rwanda, HP Laptop, iPhone XS Max & Cash Prize of 500k selling "The Viral Organic Leads Blueprint".

How To Become

An affiliate:

  • Sign up as an affiliate on expertnaire or stakecut.
  • make at least 20 sales to win yourself a reward.
  • crush your challenge & gain access to the ultimate reward.

Viral Organic Leads Blueprint Affiliate Reward:

Online Video Toolkit (ringlight, microphone and phone stand)

Plus your affiliate commission of N250,000.

Online Video Toolkit (ringlight, microphone and phone stand)

Cash prize of 75,000 naira

Plus your affiliate commission of N500,000.

iPhone XS Max

Cash prize of 100,000 naira

Plus your affiliate commission of N1,000,000.

HP Spectre Laptop

Cash prize of 150,000 naira

Plus your affiliate commission of N2,000,000.

All expense paid trip to Rwanda

iPhone XS Max

Cash prize of 250,000 naira

Plus your affiliate commission of N5 million.

These rewards would be given to anyone who crushes the sales target, this means if 200 persons crushes the sales target, then those 200 persons would gain access to the affiliate rewards & their commissions.

Click the link below to join the VOLB AFFILIATE COMMUNITY.

Click the link below to access everything you would need to hit your ULTIMATE 500 SALES.


1: Do not sell "VOLB" with any form of dubious or scam related acts. If you do, your sales would not be recorded on our dashboard.

2: Make sure every sale you make is through your affiliate link.

3: Rewards would be given after the end of the challenge.

Challenge begins 24th of March and ends 24th of June, 2023.

Good luck guys, I'm rooting for you!

Fortune Nnamdi.